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Split Expenses the Old-Fashioned Way, with Google Sheets

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Use this Google Sheets template to track and split expenses with friends, colleagues, whoever.

Don’t ever use Splitwise again... because it’s terrible.

You, like me, were probably convinced to use Splitwise at some point. Seemed innocent enough - nice little app to help you split group expenses. Connects to your Venmo account. Etc etc… You were duped. I was duped. Splitwise is the devil.


Start by entering names of the people in your group in tab “Expenses”, row 7, starting in column G and moving to the right. With each new expense you enter, simply click the checkboxes beneath the individual’s name if he/she was part of that expense (including the person who paid for it). As you do, the “Settling Up” tab tallies who owes and who is owed…. And that’s it. A clear audit trail. No “consolidating debts” or whatever nonsense features other apps drop in. SIMPLE.

Hope it’s helpful. Leave comments below.

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