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My "Detailed Work Plan" Google Sheets Template

I channeled all of my crazy into this project plan template. Enjoy!

Life's great joys: marriage, children, a well-folded sweater, this template.

I've made a lot of work plans in my years. This is the best one. Click the link below to create your own copy of the template (or check out my example). Poke around a little and tell me that doesn't make you feel just a little warm inside.

Here's what I like about this template:

1) The "Task List" (the only place you actually input information) is simple. I've done the super complex thing in the past - interdependencies, imports from outside files. None of it actually helps

2) A completion date rather than just a status "complete". You'd be surprised how often it becomes relevant to note the date at which something was completed. Like, for example, when you want to highlight recently completed tasks

3) The ready-to-paste-into-a-slide project plan Gantt chart

4) Similarly, the three tabs which allow for quick looks at recently completed tasks, upcoming tasks and a single project, all ready-sized to be dropped into a slide

5) The ability to turn conditional formatting (which indicates completed and late tasks) on and off. Sometimes... you just don't want to see it

Leave comments, likes etc. below. Thanks for reading!

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